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  • Protocols and Product Information
  • Critical Papers and Tutorials
  • Key Publications
  • Ordering Morpholinos
  • Shipping documents
  • Presentations
    • Jim Summerton's Powerpoint presentation on the development of Morpholino delivery techniques at OSU Biochem/Biophysics, November 2012.

    • This 2023 interview with Jon Moulton on Pharma's Almanac discusses using Morpholinos to alter splicing.

    • Jon Moulton's Powerpoint presentation for his lecture to a non-technical audience in Philomath, Oregon in 2008 at the Marys Peak Natural Resources Interpretive Center

    • Jon Moulton's Powerpoint presentation for Western China 2005

    • 2005 Poster showing research applications of Morpholino oligos: targets, organisms, delivery strategies

  • Selected posts from Jon's Blog
    • This link to selected posts from Jon's blog shows a partial table of contents and provides quick access to commonly used discussions and explanations.
  • Audio Notes (mp3 format)
  • Pharma's Almanac article
  • Materials for Special Delivery experiments
  • The Special Delivery system was a step in the development of Morpholino delivery systems for cell culture. Morpholinos are now typically delivered to cultured cells by the use of Endo-Porter to deliver unmodified Morpholinos, by electroporation, or by the use of Vivo-Morpholinos in cultures. We are retaining this section on our website to provide historical context for published accounts of work using the Special Delivery system. We no longer manufacture or sell Special Delivery DNA-Morpholino heteroduplexes or EPEI delivery reagent.

    Copies of publications from Antisense and Nucleic Acid Drug Development are provided with permission from the publisher:

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