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Gene Tools Oligo Design Form

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Common temperatures:
  • Zebrafish 26°C
  • Xenopus laevis 16°C to 22°C
  • Xenopus tropicalis 25°C to 30°C
  • Mouse 37°C
  • Human cell culture 37°C

Translation Blocking Oligo, mRNA Target

Translation Blocking Oligo -> mRNA sequence 5' UTR

Translation Blocking Oligo -> Ensembl mRNA transcript ID

Translation Blocking Oligo -> GenBank mRNA transcript

Splice Modifying Oligo, pre-mRNA Target

Splice Modifying Oligo -> Up to 6 intron-exon or exon-intron boundaries

For each target splice junction enter 50 bases with 25 bases exon sequence in UPPER CASE and 25 bases intron sequence in lower case. Note that the sequence fields only accept up to 50 characters.

Splice Modifying Oligo -> Ensembl mRNA transcript ID and target exon number

Target Exon

You may specify up to three exons or you may leave this blank and we will choose a target exon.

MicroRNA Inhibiting, miRNA Target

RNA Target Protecting Oligo

This can be an oligo targeting a miRNA response element, a protein binding site as for a splice regulatory protein (e.g. SR protein), or any other interaction with the base pairing surface of an RNA that occurs at a known, limited region.


Other Design -> Validate a Morpholino Oligo you designed

Enter the sequence of the Morpholino you would like to have validated. Please submit only proposed antisense Morpholino sequences using this page. Do not submit sense RNA sequence here! (NOTE: Gene Tools does not validate that your sequence is properly targeted, only that the oligo sequence itself has no known design errors such as self-complementarities or excessive G content)

Other Design -> Other Oligo Design

Enter sequence description and sequence data, then describe what you are looking for in the comments box.

Note: a red asterisk (*) by a form field indicates a required field.