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About Us

Gene Tools, LLC produces and markets Morpholino oligos for antisense applications and ancillary products for basic research. We are also engaged in research relating to delivery of Morpholino oligos into cells and use of Morpholino oligos as probes and in diagnostic systems.

Morpholino oligos and the subunits used in their assembly were invented and developed at ANTIVIRALS Inc. (the pioneer antisense company founded by James Summerton in 1980), subsequently renamed AVI Biopharma Inc. and now named Sarepta Therapeutics. Gene Tools LLC, a spin-off of ANTIVIRALS Inc., manufactures and markets research quantities of Morpholino oligos.

Gene Tools personnel can be contacted at (541) 929-7840 using the following extensions:

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Department Employee Extension Photo
Manager & Chief Scientist James E. (Jim) Summerton, Ph.D. 1161
Production Chandell L. Terwilliger 1307
Customer SupportBrandy Nagamine, Ph.D. 1041
Chemistry Yongfu Li, Ph.D. 1281
Accounting & Customer Support Zhengfeng Li 1011
Biology Shan Jiang, Ph.D. 1051
Waste & Chemistry Support Lizzy Scheibel 1062
Production Jeannine M. Turner 1302
Production James P. (Patrick) Summerton 1301
Production Mackenzie Allen 1304
Accounting Patricia Summerton 1022
Accounting Dan Summerton 1022
IT & Cybersecurity Austen Howard 1221

Department Consultant

Contact Us
You are welcome to contact us at the address and phone number displayed at the bottom of the page. We also welcome email sent through our Web Form.

Picture of the Gene Tools facility where Morpholinos are made in Philomath, Oregon, taken from the hill to the east

Bob Grant Construction Inc. of Corvallis Oregon built our Philomath facility.