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Zebrafish dnm1a gene plays a role in the formation of axons and synapses in the nervous tissue

Bragato C, Pistocchi A, Bellipanni G, Confalonieri S, Balciunie J, Monastra FM, Carra S, Vitale G, Mantecca P, Cotelli F, Gaudenzi G
J Neurosci Res. 2023 Apr 9. doi: 10.1002/jnr.25197. Online ahead of print
Classical dynamins (DNMs) are GTPase proteins engaged in endocytosis, a fundamental process for cargo internalization from the plasma membrane. In mammals, three DNM genes are present with different expression patterns. DNM1 is expressed at high levels in neurons, where it takes place in the recycling of synaptic vesicles; DNM2 is ubiquitously expressed, while DNM3 is found in the brain and in the testis. Due to the conservation of genes in comparison to mammals, we took advantage of a zebrafish model for functional characterization of dnm1a, ortholog of mammalian DNM1. Our data strongly demonstrated that dnm1a has a nervous tissue-specific expression pattern and plays a role in the formation of both axon and synapse. This is the first in vivo study that collects evidence about the effects of dnm1a loss of function in zebrafish, thus providing a new excellent model to be used in different scientific fields.
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