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Protein interrelationship shown by synergy of Morpholinos to different mRNAs

Opri┼čoreanu A-M, Smith HL, Arya S, Webster R, Zhong Z, Wehner D, Cardozo MJ, Becker T, Talbot K, Becker CG. Interaction of Axonal Chondrolectin with Collagen XIXa1 Is Necessary for Precise Neuromuscular Junction Formation. Cell Rep. 2019;29:1082-98. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2019.09.033

"Using established (Hilario et al., 2010; Zhong et al., 2012) morpholinos, we found that injection of low concentrations of either morpholino alone elicited no or only weak changes of motor axon growth (Figures 6A and 6B). However, combining these morpholinos at the same concentrations led to synergistic effects on stalling of axons at the horizontal myoseptum. Of note, total morpholino load was kept at the same level for all experiments by adding non-specific control morpholino where appropriate. This indicates a genetic interaction between chodl and col19a1(Figures 6C and 6D)."

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