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Photo-Morpholinos: no longer a displayed product line

Important update: as of March 2021, Gene Tools is no longer manufacturing Photo-Morpholino oligos.

The following text was published in February 2020.

We are removing Photo-Morpholinos as a displayed product line. Photo-Morpholinos are hard to use - we have made many but they have led to few publications. Any Photo-Morpholino project involves far more interation and development time than a simple Morpholino knockdown; there are many parameters that need to be optimized and several Photo-Morpholino sequences will likely need to be tested. Labs have ordered them without the funding needed to purchase multiple oligos to fine-tune the system sufficiently to get good data; we end up with disgruntled customers.

The old Photo-Morpholino page is here for reference.
Update March 2021: the Photo-Morpholino page has been reduced to its citation list.

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