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Mob4 is required for neurodevelopment in zebrafish

Florindo C, Mimoso JM, Palma SL, Gonçalves C, Silvestre D, Campinho M, Tavares A
microPublication Biology. 2023. 10.17912/micropub.biology.000762
Mob4 is an essential evolutionary conserved protein shown to play roles in cell division and neural development. Mob4 is a core component of the macromolecular STRIPAK complex involved in various critical cellular processes, from cell division to signal transduction pathways. However, Mob4 remains relatively poorly understood. Although the consequences of eliminating Mob4 function in Drosophila are described, its function in vertebrate development remains largely unknown. Here we show that knockdown and knockout of Mob4 during zebrafish embryogenesis limits neuronal cell divisions but has little effect on apoptosis, thus arguing a role for mob4 in neurodevelopment.
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